It keeps pursuing a “NEW ORDER” to next generation by designing with respect to fashion history and culture.
That is believes to be producing design, structure and styling that go beyond trends.

Yuki Hashimoto has launched one’s his brand “YUKI HASHIMOTO” since 2019 SPRING/SUMMER collection.
Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2010. And got into Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts with Fashion Department.
Both schools thought to Yuki Hashimoto how to be creative. Kyoto University made Yuki Hashimoto interest what is about “Fashion” more.
In Antwerp Royal Academy, studying was startling experience in Yuki Hashimoto’s life. 90% of the students were from abroad; different countries, culture, language and sense. In the class, the level was high and work was tough. Spending most of the time at school even at home working for own’s projects.
Through those hardest time, schoolmates and people who lives in Antwerp truly became a family. Yuki Hashimoto feels the city of Antwerp is second hometown.
After Yuki Hashimoto got bachelor’s degree, accumulate experience at few brand in Paris and Antwerp.
In those brands, worked for designing and collection researching with team. Those experiences was necessary for making Yuki Hashimoto’s style steps up to business. There were many people works for clothes designing, textile designing, accessories designing, pattern making, production, sales and logistic, etc… Everybody esteem for another person’s idea and opinion. Yuki Hashimoto got to know how important to work with team.

In 2017 Yuki Hashimoto back to the Academy in master program of fashion department. For developing into a designer and preparation to start up own brand.
Master year collection “ BAD DAY CAMP”.
Yuki Hashimoto draw from several inspirations ranging from epic raves to boy scouts who go camping. This is not meaning normal campsites or glossed-out parties; the campouts are taking place in stormy weather and at the raves there are drugs, rage-filled and over emotional teenagers.
Yuki Hashimoto express delicate atmosphere like an innocent feelings.
Erin Armstrong also inspired Yuki Hashimoto who is Canadian painter. Her paintings are very colorful, and it has darkness. Yuki Hashimoto feels even some of her works has dichotomy between something. For example, color palettes or mix organic elements and inorganic.
These inspirations intrigued Yuki Hashimoto to create the collection.
During master program, “KITAYAMA STUDIO” which is Chinese bag label offered in collaborate with design.
July 2018, Launches YUKI HASHIMOTO. Debut collection 2019 SPRING/SUMMER “BAD DAY CAMP ep 0” is about before go to “camping”. Clothes are more inspired by boys in city.The collaborated bags launched within the collection.